Global Artificial Business Intelligence, or Gabi, is Xerox’s workplace assistant artificial intelligence. With Gabi running, you can speak commands to your printer using natural language—e.g., “Gabi, make 20 copies of this,” to scratch the tip of the proverbial iceberg, as Gabi can understand surprisingly complex requests.

In today’s post, we’ll be taking a deeper look at Gabi, how “she” works, and how this technology can enhance productivity and accessibility in your office.

voice command xerox mfpHow Gabi Voice From Xerox Gets Work Done For You

Gabi can accept user input in the form of natural language instructions. In other words, you can speak to it naturally, like you would to another person, and the artificial intelligence behind Gabi will interpret what you want to be done. That AI is, in fact, integrated with IBM’s Watson, the same phenomenon AI from 2011 that won trivia competition show Jeopardy!

Gabi accepts your voice commands and securely transmits them to Watson. All communications are encrypted, and IBM doesn’t keep any data on their end after Watson interprets your commands. Security has always been a strong focus for Xerox, and how Gabi has been implemented is impressive—other major companies with voice activated assistants should be taking notes. You can read more about the security features of Gabi in this report from Xerox (PDF link).

The technology is pretty impressive—when you start speaking to your printer instead of using the touchscreen, the productivity and time-saving benefits can be huge, not to mention the accessibility enhancements for employees who may have physical limitations. Let’s discuss that a bit more:

Gabi Voice for Productivity & Accessibility in the Workplace

Gabi Voice allows anyone who can speak aloud to give your printer instructions. From a productivity standpoint, this can actually save quite a lot more time than you might think. For example, speaking out loud and instructing your Xerox MFP to scan a document, print out two copies, and email another copy to your address and a client’s address is a whole lot faster than going through the motions yourself.

Whitelisting is another handy feature for Gabi, meaning that printer owners can set it to only perform tasks that you’ve approved beforehand. This can help eliminate unnecessary printer waste or mistakes being made (for example, printing a hundred copies of a document on accident).

Finally, it’s important to note that any business or organization that needs to comply with Federal 508c regulations will be able to do so with Gabi Voice.

voice controlled printersTalk to Your Printer and So Much More with Xerox

Gabi is just one of the many innovative features available when you put a Xerox multifunction printer to work in your office. From best in class security features to new in-house marketing opportunities and even more ways to scan, archive, and share documents than you can shake a stick at, Xerox is a game-changer for businesses of any size.

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