We’ve been in the printing business for a long time—and during our years of experience, we’ve made a few observations that we’d like to share with you.

Chief among these observations are that we estimate roughly 90% of companies make the following mistakes:

  • Doesn’t track the cost of printing (and wildly underestimates how much it actually costs)
  • Doesn’t have an optimized printing workflow
  • Overpays for printing equipment, supplies, and technical support

Do any of those sound familiar?

The first one is of particular importance. Not only do most businesses not bother to track their printing costs, but they usually underestimate how much its actually costing them. For many businesses, particularly those who deal with even moderately large amounts of hard copy, print costs can represent up to 10% of revenues or more!

That, obviously, is quite a substantial expenditure. In today’s post, we’re going to examine not only the cost savings of a Managed Print Service (MPS) like the one we offer here, but also the ease-of-use and technical support benefits.

Let’s dig in by looking at what an MPS offers you and how it saves money:

how much money does an MPS save?How a Managed Print Service Reduces Print Costs

The goal of a managed print service, essentially, is to reduce the amount of time and money you spend on maintaining your office equipment.

For example, our MPS will handle supplies for you. Typically this is paper and ink, but say for example if your equipment breaks, we’ll be the one providing replacement parts and fixing it for you. We also implement hardware security measures that protect your documents, devices, and data safe from hackers or malware.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, any MPS worth its salt will provide you with detailed tracking information about how your equipment is being used. Not only will you know how much supply is being used—and thus how much it costs—you’ll also know who is using the supplies, if desired, with our per-user tracking.

For more detailed information on MPS cost analysis and other important financial metrics, make sure to take a look at our page about how to save money on your printing costs with managed print services.

MPS for small businessWhy the Smart Document Solutions MPS is Customized To Your Specific Business Needs & Goals

While we’re obviously big fans of Xerox office equipment, note that if you already have office equipment from another manufacturer that you can still take advantage of our managed print service—it’s “equipment agnostic.”

Our service will be, from the very beginning, totally customized for your business. Before we begin, we’ll perform a full needs assessment, which means that our team will examine your current hardware, supply requirements, and workflows. We’ll then suggest changes designed to increase efficiency and reduce your costs.

No two businesses are exactly alike, so it makes complete sense that not two MPS plans are alike (or at least they shouldn’t be!). We have the experience required to figure out the best possible setup for your company’s goals.

How to Learn More About Our Cost-Saving MPS and Other Services

At Smart Document Solutions, our team of experts is dedicated to helping you find the best possible solutions for your office equipment and printing needs. If you’d like to learn more about our managed print service or any of the other services we offer, please feel free to come and see is at either of our convenient locations in Phoenix or Flagstaff. If you’re ready to upgrade to the Xerox experience, you may also request a no-obligation online quote.