Is it time for your business to expand your printer fleet?

Whether you’re adding on just one or two more printers or you need to install a dozen in a new department, Xerox has made sure that administrators have plenty of options to configure, control, and update just about any number of printers they like.

In a moment, we’ll explain exactly how that’s done and how you can manage your fleet of multifunction printers too—but first, let’s go ahead and clear up a few things new printer system administrators tend to worry about the most:

how to manage multipleCommon Misconceptions About Printer Fleet Management

Perhaps the most common misconception about managing an entire fleet of printers is that it’s difficult or terribly time consuming. This can be intimidating for businesses at a stage of growth where they need more printers but don’t want to hire more IT personnel. A lot of office managers have this imagine in their mind where each printer needs to be updated and managed manually, in person, and by someone with tons of technology expertise.

Fortunately, all of these concerns are unnecessary. The good news is that it’s highly unlikely that additional staff will be necessary to manage your fleet of printers. The even better news is that intuitive, user-friendly software exists to facilitate the management of multiple printers from one centralized location.

In a nutshell, this means that your IT staff (or IT person, singular, as is often the case in small- or mid-sized businesses) doesn’t have to undergo any significant amount of training, and their time spent physically maintaining each printer in the fleet will be minimized.

Let’s learn a little more about how that works:

Introducing the Fleet Orchestrator for Xerox AltaLink Multifunction Printers

The Fleet Orchestrator software for Xerox AltaLink MFPs can be thought of as a centralized control panel where you can manage all of your printers at once. You can change the configuration settings of each printer, update it, and do a few other neat tricks—but that’s not even the best part.

Rather than configuring each printer by itself, the Fleet Orchestrator allows you to designate a single printer as the “publisher.” True to the name of the software, you can think of this printer as the “conductor.”

This chosen printer can securely share not only updates but configuration settings with every other printer in the fleet. As you might know, configuration settings can be a fairly tedious job to set up, but with the Fleet Orchestrator software it’s a one-time process—and then you can simply push the configuration settings to every other printer.

The time savings alone here are huge, but it doesn’t hurt that this administration software is easy to use, even for non-technical users. If you’d like to learn more about how Fleet Orchestrator works, you can watch this official Xerox Support video for a short tour and explanation of the software and its features.

Xerox fleet managementLearn More About Expanding Your Fleet of Xerox Multifunction Printers at Smart Document Solutions

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