One of the biggest challenges facing healthcare providers today is finding a way to balance the convenience of modern technology with the strict requirements of HIPPA compliance. We’ve never had more ways to communicate data with one another, but not all are made the same in terms of security—which is an absolute must when it comes to sending and receiving patient information.

While the emphasis on security for patient records from HIPPA is undoubtedly a very good thing, it has placed extra financial strain on some healthcare providers, particularly smaller practices.

In today’s post, we’ll be taking a look at how Xerox can help mitigate some of those costs with a done-for-you solution powered by healthcare interoperability leader Kno2. Let’s take a look at the current requirements for digitally transferring sensitive patient information and how Xerox can help.

xerox kno2 for healthcareDigital Patient Information Transfer—Why it’s so Strict and How Xerox Can Help

The HIPPA regulations relevant to our discussion today are the ones which require healthcare providers to store, send, and receive medical records in a secure manner. Providers must be able to prove that their medical records are secure, encrypted, and fully audited.

For small providers and healthcare startups, this can create an expensive barrier to entry, since the proper infrastructure and technology to remain HIPPA requirement must be purchased, configured, and properly implemented. Smaller organizations without a dedicated IT department (or IT person) have traditionally been more likely to misconfigure the manner in which their electronic medical records are digitally handled, thus increasing the possibility of a HIPPA violation and ensuing fine.

Xerox has partnered with Kno2 to make it possible for all healthcare providers to be able to maintain HIPPA compliance with their patient information—let’s read on and see how.

Introducing the Healthcare MFP Solution from Xerox, Powered By Kno2

The first thing to know about the Xerox Healthcare MFP Solution is that it is not a “scan to” document transfer system. What that means is that this solution doesn’t simply allow the user to scan patient records and save them to a local hard disk or send them out via email or fax. This is a good thing, since all of these services create a copy of the patient records (often unbeknownst to the user) which compounds the risk of a HIPPA violation.

Instead, the Xerox Healthcare MFP Solution utilizes Kno2’s cloud based technology platform to create a “common link” between the sender and receiver, effectively creating a single secure location for sensitive patient information to be both stored and transferred. Documents on this platform are not only stored fully encrypted, but during transfer as well. Despite all of these features, the platform is quite easy to use.

hippa compliance secure transferLearn More About Healthcare Office Solutions From Smart Document Solutions

As a professional in the healthcare field, there’s likely one thing you always need more of: time. Once you’ve experienced the time-saving, efficiency-boosting benefits of Xerox office technology, you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever got through the day without it.

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