Xerox multifunction printers really can do it all—copy, print, fax, and scan. Scanning is what we’ll be discussing in today’s post, because this technology has really come a long way, at least insofar as user options are concerned.

Xerox MFPs allow users to scan in a variety of different ways, enabling the user to choose whichever is most convenient at the time. Scan to email, scanning to the cloud, and automated scanning are all possible.

Let’s dig in and take a look at each scanning option, starting with the one that most new MFP owners tend to be pretty impressed with:

xerox automated scanningXerox MFP Scan to Email

Scan to email is a basic (yet powerful) feature of modern Xerox multifunction printers. This feature allows you to scan a document and have it sent to an email address you specify—a super-convenient way to give yourself access to a document you need to read or review later.

However, note that the email address the document is being “scanned to” doesn’t have to be your email address; it can be anyone’s. This is a very handy time saving feature when, for example, you’ve finished filling out a form with a client and everyone needs their own copy. You can scan the document and have it go to your client’s address and archive the scan of that document digitally in the cloud, which is what we’ll discuss next.

Xerox Scan & Archive to the Cloud

One of the most powerful scanning features of modern Xerox MFPs is the ability to scan a document and save it directly to the cloud. Whether you use Dropbox, Microsoft 365, or Xerox’s DocuShare Flex, any hard copy document you like can be sent there and automatically organized for you in the right folder or directory.

Once scanned, the document will be archived, searchable by everyone on your team with access to your cloud server or account, and retrievable anywhere that’s online.

Automated Scanning With Your Xerox MFP

To make organization and archiving even easier after being scanned, you can set up your MFP to automatically add whatever metadata you desire to documents that have been scanned.

For example, if you know you’re scanning a batch of documents that relate to one client account (and need to be digitally organized accordingly), you can give the necessary instructions to the MFP beforehand and the settings will be applied to each document you scan during that task. This can cut down quite a bit on administrative tasks and makes the documents immediately organized and available to everyone on the team who might need them.

xerox mfp scan to emailMore Can’t-Miss Xerox Multifunction Printer Features

Scanning documents used to be less-than-convenient, to say the least. These days, modern Xerox technology enables business owners and their teams to have complete control over their documents—whether digital or in print.

A Xerox multifunction printer can completely revolutionize the workplace. To get a better idea, make sure to check out our post 5 Little-Known But Game Changing Benefits of Cloud Computing & Printing, or, for the security minded, our post about the impressively extensive security measures offered by Xerox may be of interest.

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