Xerox, at first glance, appears to be in the office equipment business—but it might be more accurate to say that they’re really in the “saving time” business.

We’ve been going over some of these topics on the Smart Document Solutions blog lately. If you missed them, make sure to check out our post about one-touch apps, how to give your printer natural-language voice commands with Xerox’s Gabi Voice, and some of the ways you can substantially enhance workplace productivity with cloud printing.

With that in mind, let’s discuss yet another fantastic Xerox time saving feature you can have access to with your ConnectKey enabled multifunction printer.

How long do you and your staff spend filing expense reports?

If you’re like most businesses, it’s probably not an insignificant amount of time. A lunch meeting with a client here, some office supplies there, and before you know it a fairly notable amount of time gets spent each week making sure that accounting can keep up with both minor and major expenditures.

But what if there was an easier and much (much) faster way?

There is. Let’s take a look:

receipt scanner xeroxIntroducing the Xerox Connect App for QuickBooks Online

If you use QuickBooks Online, you’ll be very pleased to learn that ConnectKey enabled multifunction devices from Xerox have access to an app that will fully integrate with your account.

(If you’re just getting started with Xerox apps, take a look at our post Getting to Know the Xerox App Gallery for more information on how it works and some can’t-miss apps.)

After installing the QuickBooks Online app from the Xerox App Gallery, your team will be able to scan multiple receipts at once (as many as will fit), edit data fields for QuickBooks Online right from the multifunction device, and submit them—there’s even an option to notify the person responsible for expense approvals.

Setting Up the QuickBooks Online Xerox Connect App

Getting started with the QuickBooks Online app is easy—simply install it like you would any other app. For most users, that means logging in to your administrator account on the printer itself or on the app manager from your computer or mobile device, locating the app in the Xerox App Gallery, and pressing install. The QuickBooks Online app even has a trial version, so you can test this solution out to see how it works for your business for free.

Once the app is installed, the only step left is to link your Xerox account to your QuickBooks Online account, which can be done in just a minute at the Xerox Connect for QuickBooks Online portal.

quickbooks online xeroxLearn More About Supercharging Your Productivity With Xerox at Smart Document Solutions

We’ve all heard the old phrase “work smarter, not harder.” With Xerox office equipment, you’ll definitely be working smarter—and that means more time to focus on the business tasks that really matter.

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