Digital storage used to be pretty expensive. Back in 1995, a 1 gigabyte hard drive cost around $800. If you’re not a techie, here’s some perspective: a $20 USB thumb drive today can hold roughly 128 times that much data (and thumb drives aren’t even the most economical types of data storage). Crazy, right?

Storage is only getting cheaper as time goes on, too. The point here is that in this era of affordable storage, there’s really no reason not to backup your important data. Not only is storage cheaper than ever before, it’s easier to get your hands on in the form of cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Xerox’s DocuShare Flex, all of which (and more) can integrate seamlessly with a modern Xerox multifunction printer.

In today’s post, we’ll examine how easy it is to set up automated cloud backups, why you should us the cloud in the first place, and how to digitize your preexisting hard copy paperwork.

how to back up files with xerox mfpWhy You Should Use Xerox-Compatible Cloud Storage Solutions

One of the main benefits of using a cloud storage platform like DocuShare Flex is that you aren’t responsible for maintaining, repairing, or replacing any kind of infrastructure—e.g., you don’t have to implement expensive technologies like servers or redundant storage media by yourself. These kinds of setups are prohibitively expensive for small businesses and startups, and if you don’t really know what you’re doing, can be prone to security vulnerabilities.

By using a mainstream cloud storage provider, you’re getting a product that “just works.” Not only will it work on your computer and mobile devices, but it will fully integrate with your Xerox multifunction printer as well. Let’s take a look at how that works next.

Automated Data Backup, Collaborative Opportunities, and More

If you have your data automatically backed up to the cloud, you can print any document stored there from your MFP. Searching for files takes seconds, and you don’t even have to be at your computer to do it, thanks to the intuitive touchscreen interface on modern Xerox printers. If you scan a document, you can choose to have it archived to the cloud as well—basically, it’s a one-stop-shop solution.

DocuShare Flex and other cloud platforms offer far more than just storage. Users can collaborate on documents together, share files with one another no matter where they are, and even print documents from their mobile devices on-the-go.

Digitize Your Hard Copy Paperwork Easier Than Ever Before

Does your staff still spend valuable time digging around in overstuffed filing cabinets for important documents when you need them? Digitizing a large collection of hard copy paperwork seems like it would be a real chore, but Xerox makes it easy thanks to the automated scanning and cloud archival capabilities of modern multifunction printers.

Scanned files can be automatically named, categorized, and stored in a directory path of your choosing based on intelligent decisions—for example, your Xerox machine can be set up to recognize the difference between, say, an invoice and an expense report.

xerox mfp cloud storage backup filesEasy Cloud Archival is Just The Beginning of What You Can Do With a Xerox Multifunction Printer – Here’s How to Learn More

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